February 17, 2017




On Wednesday people of good faith stood at Pioneer Courthouse Square joining a National Day of Action to Say NO to U.S. Policy on Israel and NO to the Trump Racist Agenda


Standing in a steady rain, over 60 people held a vigil Wednesday evening at Pioneer Courthouse Square to protest Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Trump’s agendas of shared racism, Islamophobia, denial of human rights and ongoing occupation. While Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Trump met in Washington, the protesters here at the Portland rally chanted, “No Walls No Ban No Building on Stolen Land”, “Hey Hey Ho Ho David Friedman’s got to go”, and “From Palestine to Mexico All the walls have got to go.”


One of the protest organizers, Ned Rosch, of Jewish Voice for Peace-PDX, read from a statement published yesterday by Jewish Voice for Peace, “Netanyahu and Trump share a vision of the world which paints aspirations for freedom and dignity as security threats and falsely and intentionally pits Islam against the West and democracy. In response to their joint agenda, we will continue to grow the resistance to their anti-refugee, anti-immigrant, and anti-Muslim policies here in the U.S. and in Israel and put forward a vision of true dignity, equality, and justice for all.“


A sad sign of the times: Hispanic caucus members ejected from meeting about immigration raids

Removal of caucus members from meeting with Immigration and Customs Enforcement led to shock: ‘Never before in 20-plus years has this happened’

Two members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus said they were removed from a meeting with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) on Thursday, just two days after the agency’s acting director abruptly cancelled a meeting with the CHC.

On Thursday, Democratic Representatives Luis Gutiérrez of Illinois and Norma Torres of California said Republicans asked them to leave a meeting with the agency’s acting director, Thomas Homan, about the rash of raids on immigrant communities.

“In 20-plus years, I have never heard of the Republicans controlling what meetings Democrats can have with officials of the executive branch and never had a staffer ask me to leave a meeting to which I am entitled to attend,” Gutiérrez said in a statement after the meeting.

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In First, Israel Mulls Using New Law to Confiscate Palestinian Lands for Illegal Settlement

Israel tells court contemplating using new land-grab law to 'legalize' seven structures, roads built on private Palestinian land.

Israel has told the High Court it is contemplating using recently passed legislation to confiscate privately owned Palestinians lands in the West Bank. The lands in question contain seven structures in the West Bank outpost of Adi Ad and a number of roads built illegally on private lands.

This could be the first time that state uses the so-called Regularization Law to expropriate private Palestinian lands in the West Bank.

A group of Palestinians had filed a petition with the High Court through the Yesh Din legal aid group in 2014, demanding that the illegal outpost of Adi Ad be dismantled. At the time, Israel's legal representatives said in response that a demarcation team surveyed the area and found that six structures in the outpost were built on parcels "that are not state lands."

read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-1.771651

Solidarity is not selective: Michael Bennett brings the struggle for Palestinian freedom to the NFL

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett created ripples in the sports world when he publicly tweeted he was no longer going on a Post-Super Bowl trip to Israel.

In a world where privileged football sports figures make vacuous and cowardly statements about politics, Bennett has been a voice of intelligence and compassion. He was vocal in supporting Colin Kaepernick’s protest against systemic injustice and anti-Blackness in the United States, and his most recent public comments have cemented his unwavering commitment to understanding the roots of injustice — despite the attempts by Israeli organizations to gloss over the oppression of Palestinians.   .....

See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/2017/02/solidarity-selective-palestinian

Israel passes bill retroactively legalising Jewish settlements

The bill was supported by Benjamin Netanyahu, but opponents said the law ‘makes theft an official Israeli policy’

Israel’s parliament has approved a controversial bill to retroactively “legalise” illegal Jewish outposts built on privately owned Palestinian land, setting up an inevitable confrontation with the international community.

The so-called regulation bill paves the way for Israel to recognise thousands of illegally built Jewish settler homes constructed on privately-owned Palestinian land in what opponents have dubbed a “theft” and “land grab”.

The law retroactively legalises the construction, with the original landowners to be compensated either with money or alternative land – even if they do not agree to give up their property.

The new law is the latest in a series of pro-settlement moves by Israel since the inauguration of US President Donald Trump, which has seen some 6,000 new Jewish settlement homes announced in the occupied Palestinian territories in the past fortnight.

The international community overwhelmingly opposes settlements and sees them as an obstacle to peace.

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